Dwujęzyczny dziennik radiowy Głosu Ameryki 1990 r.


Dwujęzyczny dziennik radiowy Głosu Ameryki w 1990 roku retransmitowany przez Polskie Radio.

Voice of America 1990 – VOA Polish Service Bilingual Newscast

The Cold War was almost over in 1989-1990. The Voice of America was looking for new ways to deliver news to Eastern Europe. The bilingual VOA Polish-English newscast was one of several projects initiated by the VOA Polish Service. Eventually, it was rebroadcast on Program One of Polish Radio. The Service also initiated joint programs with Polish Television. These projects, however, were soon abandoned as VOA Management could not assure consistent quality and reliable program delivery. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. Poland joined NATO in 1999. The last VOA Polish Service on-air radio program to Poland was heard on July 20, 2000, 58 years after the first VOA Polish radio broadcast in 1942. Some internet broadcasting and feed service continued until the VOA Polish Service was completely shut down in May 2004. The bilingual VOA Polish-English newscast heard in this video was aired on January 24, 1990. It was read by VOA Polish Service broadcaster Jerzy Rudzki and VOA English broadcaster Philip G. Murray. Mr. Murray, who was the husband of VOA Polish Service Chief of Production Roma Starczewska-Murray, often volunteered to read in his free time as the Management failed to provide full funding for the project. The photographs from the promotional 1990 VOA Calendar were taken in 1989. The VOA Polish Service promotional brochure was produced in the early 1990s.


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